Echo Gecko Fly Rod Verse Pinata and Casting Competition - TFP in the Wild

Echo Gecko Fly Rod Verse Pinata and Casting Competition - TFP in the Wild

Welcome to the best and most comprehensive review of the Echo Gecko Fly Rod ever recorded.  We used unconventional testing methods with some of the regions biggest critics including Paul Considine, Tyler Balich, Thad Robinson, Brandon Prince, Josh Mills, and many others. Since I stood for hours with my iPhone in hand to get this crazy Gecko de Mayo throw down footage I thought we had better share it with the world. 

Earlier that day all of us were hosting an instructional spey casting clinic on the Missouri River in Montana.  This is what transpired after hours... 

In the first video, below, we entered in to an all out showdown with the Echo Gecko kids fly rod.  Some of the Northwest's best casters were there including Calvin Fuller, Zack Williams, and Klaus Frimor just to mention a few.  We don't know exactly how far Ricky threw that line on the Gecko but evidently it was 26 and a half "Klaus steps" which were pretty big steps.  If he is correct that his step is about a meter's length that would be about an 87 foot throw with the 7'9" 4 weight.

The consensus?  This fly rod is amazing and really fun to cast, even for big kids and you should buy one regardless of your age (and we don't even sell them so you know I'm being straight with you).   

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And... if you just want to watch a Pinata get the beat down from an Echo Gecko then this is what happens when you take a fly rod to a pinata on Cinco de Mayo.  

But if we are going to be serious just for a moment.  The Echo Gecko is truly the best kids rod on the market right now, and seriously fun to cast and fish with.  Tim Rajeff and the team at Echo have done the sport a solid by bringing this rod to the market and we hope you support it if you have a young angler interested in fly fishing.