Follow the Project

Follow the Project

Why did we start another fly company?

We decided to create a new fishing company so that we could say exactly what we want to say. Last night I wrote this, as a first stab at verbalizing what we stand for.

The Fly Project Manifesto

We love to fish. Fishing is not a crime. We high five those who swing flies, skate dries, and fish 365. We get loud when things go well, and learn from our toughest days. We nymph, we stalk carp, we strip streamers, we troll, we have fun. We fish different, we are the misfits of fishing. We fish with flies, but take the opportunities we get to fish cranks, spoons, plastic worms, and live bait because fishing is fun no matter what. Let’s teach more fishermen and women to fish. It’s taught us to be grateful, to be patient, how to travel, that we have much to learn, and what’s important to protect. Fish responsibly, fish to protect our resources as it has given us incredible friendships and memories. This is our project.

 We will make changes to this but I wanted people to see my first raw thoughts about why we began the company.

So the key takeaways from this little manifesto I wrote are these.

  1. We love to fish
  2. All fishing is awesome, not one style or the other, it’s all good.
  3. Fly fishing is for fun, don’t be too serious
  4. It’s important for us to teach others what we’ve learned, so that others have the same opportunities we have been given.
  5. Be responsible with our resources, and make it a priority to protect them.

Living 1-5 out is important to us, and I believe that if you do as well, you are showing how grateful you are for the sport.

It does not matter if you love to catch fish with a bead and a bobber, a Tenkara rod, spey rod, if you like to fish dry flies, as long as you have fun. Don’t put other people down just because you only fish dries, if you are both having fun, who cares?

For example, I love catching steelhead on the swing but I’ve had a lot of fun making jet boat laps with a bobber and a gear rod too. We all believe that knowing how to catch fish a lot of different ways makes you a better fisherman. Not judging others on how they like to catch fish makes you a better person.

The Fly Project's Vision Statement

We believe everyone should experience the wild.

The Fly Project's Core Values 

  • Inspire and be inspired creatively
  • Break the Status Quo
  • Be Optimistic
  • Show and Tell
  • Love Fish

The Fly Project's Mission Statement

Make fly fishing fun, diverse, and available to everyone.