The Double Bunny Streamer Fly - Ode to the Double Bunny

The Double Bunny Streamer Fly - Ode to the Double Bunny

The Double Bunny has been the gateway drug to many streamer huckin’ madmen (or women) for over 20 years.  A number of us from The Fly Project crew spent our spring breaks on the Ruby River, Big Hole River, and Beaverhead Rivers in southwestern Montana and at that time the only 2 streamer patterns we really ever fished was either a JJ Special or a Double Bunny, and ironically both were developed in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. 

In the spring time, a slow moving Double Bunny is one of the best brown trout patterns out there, and because it’s old now most fly shops don’t even carry it. 

The Double Bunny was originally designed and created by Jackson Hole legend Scott Sanchez.  As the story goes he was on a fishing trip to Belize, and while fishing for Barracuda’s on the flats he dreamt up the idea of combining the most productive two cuda patterns which was the Kiwi Muddler and the FisHair Cuda Fly.  He was actually trying to develop, in his words, the “super barracuda” fly. 

Today, the Double Bunny is iconic to all of us, it’s like Jack Daniels No. 7 or Levi 501’s.  So, we decided this icon needed a revival.  We don’t tie the Double Bunny exactly like Sanchez.  His pattern used glue on eyes with lead weight at the front.  Instead, we have decided to use lead dumbbell eyes and wrap the middle with polar chenille.  The eyes are heavy enough to run the fly over, and we had to go through a few renditions to get it correct.  The fly is tied on a 60 degree jig because we kind of had smallmouth on our brains when we were tying it, although it will work for many different species.  Then we sandwich the polar chenille with rabbit strips.  One major advantage we now have is the unlimited colors of rabbit strips available to us to tie this fly. 

Even crazier, we actually met Scott Sanchez at a Simms Fishing event in Bozeman, Montana a few years ago.  Paul has been particularly obsessed with this pattern since high school, and in high school he actually wrote a poem about the pattern. 

Here’s a link to our rendition of the Double Bunny called Ode to the Double Bunny.  Named after Paul’s Poem -- Get the ODE TO THE DOUBLE BUNNY FLY HERE

Watch Paul perform his poem in front a huge audience of fly tiers below.

Here’s how you tie the Ode to the Double Bunny.

Give it a try -- Get the ODE TO THE DOUBLE BUNNY FLY HERE

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